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Chris A new harvest of annual reports | Mar. 2013

Chris is very proud to announce the publication of the latest report of Tessenderlo Group, who entrusted Chris with the copywriting, concept, layout and production of both the online and offline version.
Chris once again confirms its ever-evolving expertise in annual reporting by releasing new online projects, amongst which the annual reports of Belgacom, Delhaize Group and D'Ieteren. Many other projects are on their way... More information soon!
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FNRS Télévie communication tools | Mar. 2013

Chris has recently created new communication tools for the FNRS about Télévie, the well-known Belgian solidarity campaign aimed at raising funds to fight against cancer: besides a brochure for Télévie’s 25th anniversary, Chris has developed posters for a scientific exhibition. All tools were meant to be accessible to a very broad public, using simple yet explicit drawings to help people understand the disease, the different treatment methods and recent scientific progress. | see more

Chris More and more printed and online annual reports | Aug. 2012

Besides confirming its partnership with companies such as Axa Bank Europe, Belgacom, Belgocontrol, Delhaize group, D'Ieteren, EVS, FNRS, Fountain and Immobel, Chris has also won and realized three reports for ONDD group and M-Team's second report. Two more projects for new clients are still under development. | see more

Belgacom “The art of being a teamleader” | Jul. 2012

Developed like a roadbook, this brand-new internal brochure is a real motivational tool for Belgacom's teamleaders. It provides advices about different typical situations, and gives insight about coaching, trainings, seminars,... | see more

Eurogare Mons, Beyond the Walls | Jul. 2012

Beyondthe future Monsstation, a brand newneighborhood (including a convention center,a hotel, ascientific parkandhousing) will be developedon10hectares ofland owned by theSNCB Group. Toattract investors inthosenew opportunities, Chris developed an attractive brochure promoting the site for Eurogare. | see more

Citroën 2012 calendar | Oct. 2011

For the 5th time in a row, Chris realized Citroen Belux’ calendar. This year’s edition counts once again with some of the most prestigious names from the sphere of European comics. | see more

D’Ieteren 3 new websites for D’Ieteren Group and D’Ieteren Auto | Aug. 2011

Chris realized the brand-new corporate website of D’Ieteren Group, as well as a fully dedicated site for its 2010 online annual report. Internal communication was not left aside with the launch of a specific website for the 2011 “Give&Gain days”. Those sites were built up in partnership with Globule Bleu. | see more

Delhaize Group  Internal communication tools | Aug. 2011

With nearly 154,000 associates, amongst which almost 30,000 new ones in the Balkans, Delhaize Group is one of the largest retail groups in the world. Chris helped the Group to create new communication tools aimed towards employees, and developed to remind them key facts&figures of the Group, its vision & values, as well as its positioning on the world market. | see more

Sappi A crop of new technical brochures | Jul. 2011

Sappi has trusted Chris for the makeover of its technical brochures. Those brochures, written for paper specialists all over the world in 6 different languages, needed to be reviewed in terms of content, layout and design. The first 5 brochures are now printed and more are on their way... | see more

AGC Glass Europe Corporate presentation clip | Jun. 2011

A 2 min. short version of the original corporate movie of AGC was put together to capture the essence of AGC Glass Europe and the main features of the group in a few keywords and images. | see more

Belgocontrol New look for internal magazine | Feb. 2011

Hubnews, the quarterly internal magazine from Belgocontrol, has been refreshed! The new look of the magazine is part of a global update of the visual identity of the company: a visual style guideline booklet is about to be released to officially present the updated identity. | see more

Belgacom 360° internal Xmas campaign | Jan. 2011

“Let’s share a smile”: this 360° internal campaign was all about celebrating the end of the year with smiles. The theme was explored through various media, on paper and online: posters, elevator stickers, paper Xmas trees, videos, interactive greeting cards,... | see more

Mypark New corporate identity & website | Oct. 2010

Key player for 35 years in the field of private parkings, Mypark keeps focused on its corporate communication. First step in the displaying of their new identity created by Chris, the new website is now up and running: check it out! | see more

Delhaize Group Brand-new corporate website | Oct. 2010

Developing further the Group’s corporate identity created by the agency, Chris is proud to announce the launch of Delhaize Group’s new website. It is the result of a one-year collaboration between Chris, designer of the site, and the IT team of Food Lion (US subsidiary of the Group) which programmed it. In addition to designing the website, Chris also realized the strategy video of the CEO and designed and developed specific interactive modules, amongst which a map and a timeline. | see more

Eurogare Promotional Clip | Oct. 2010

Chris has produced a brand-new promotional clip for Eurogare, to be broadcasted at the FIFF (Festival International du Film Francophone). Eurogare being a railway projects consultancy, the short film was shot in Liege-Guillemins station, recently designed by Santiago Calatrava. The clip is a poetic metaphor of Eurogare’s mission and vision: creating stations where people meet, live and love… | see more

Delhaize group Guide of conduct | Sep. 2010

Chris developed Delhaize group’s “Guide for ethical business conduct”, a new manual to support their commitment to integrity by empowering each and every associate to conduct business “the right way, every day”. | see more

Chris A new harvest of annual reports for Chris | Sep. 2010

Chris once again confirms its 25-year experience and creativity in the production of annual reports, both paper and interactive. The latest issues include the reports of Axa Bank Europe, Axa Belgium, Belgacom, Belgocontrol, Delhaize group, Ducroire, EVS, FNRS, Fountain and Immobel. | see more

FNRS Newsletter | Sep. 2010

A new dynamic concept was built up by Chris for the magazine of the FNRS (Fond de la Recherche Scientifique). It includes an innovative editorial approach and a complete layout makeover. | see more

Belgacom Talent Award campaign | Sep. 2010

For its internal mobilization campaign rewarding their best talents across all Belgian locations, Belgacom asked Chris to create an original concept and look&feel with a comprehensive approach including posters, boards, stickers and PowerPoint presentations. | see more

Belgacom “Tout pour plaire” campaign | Sep. 2010

Belgacom wanted to transform employees into real ambassadors of their company. The “Tout pour plaire” brochure states concrete and outstanding facts about Belgacom, so that each and every employee knows more about their company and can explain it to other people. | see more

D’Ieteren “Give & Gain days” campaign | Sep. 2010

The “Give & Gain days” encourage all D’Ieteren employees to spend one of their workdays helping others through various solidarity programs. For their new internal communication campaign, D’Ieteren trusted Chris with the creation of a logo and various communication supports. | see more

Delhaize Group wins Award for Best Belgian Sustainability Report | Nov. 2009

Chris has worked out the Delhaize Group CSR report 2008, which has recently been rewarded as Best Belgian Sustainability Report 2008 by The Belgian Institute of Company Auditors. Chris has been involved in the whole production process of this report, from analysis and concept to layout and publishing. | see more

SourceOrama Relaunching the communication of the educative park | Jun. 2009

SourceOrama, an educative park to discover spring water, was willing to reactivate the communication about its site. After a complete analysis of the positioning of the park, CHRIS has proposed different kinds of new media to promote it and has designed a more attractive façade, entirely cover by a large mix of pictures. | see more

FNRS New brand positioning | Jun. 2009

The FNRS – Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique – has chosen CHRIS to accompany it for its new positioning. Chris has launched a new baseline, “the freedom of research”, together with a new logo, and is now working on the development of the look & feel on different communication tools (brochures, business cards, website, annual report,…). | see more

Chris confirms its CSR expertise | Mar. 2009

Chris’ expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility has been called by Delhaize Group and Belgacom. Their goal: find the right way to present their results and produce an attractive, simple and clear document. | see more

Chris New annual reports | Mar. 2009

Chris confirms its position among the leading agencies specialising in annual reports. Its latest productions include the annual reports of Axa Belgium and Europe, Belgacom, Belgocontrol, Delhaize, Ducroire, EVS Broadcast, Fountain and Immobel. | see more

Ducroire I Delcredere Annual report | Dec. 2008

The belgian company Ducroire  I  Delcredere has decided to work with Chris for the conception and production of its next three annual reports, after a pitch between three agencies. Created in 1921, Ducroire insures and reinsures the political and commercial risks of current trade transactions. | see more

Delhaize group Annual report | Nov. 2008

After a pitch between seven corporate communication agencies, Chris is proud to announce that Delhaize Group has decided to collaborate with our agency for its next annual report. Delhaize Group is a belgian food retailer with activities in 7 countries on 3 continents, employing approximately 138,000 people. | see more

AGC Flat Glass Europe  innovates with Chris | Oct. 2008

After a pitch between Leo Burnett, Dentsu and Chris, AGC Flat Glass Europe has chosen CHRIS for its european innovation campaign. The objective is to present AGC as a company totally focused on innovation. The campaign, internal and external, is based on the rhythm of waves. It is a fully integrated approach using complementary tools: film, web, paper… | see more

Chris at the Fimbacte festival 2008 (Paris) | Oct. 2008

Chris is competing for the best corporate film in the category “Innovation” at the Fimbacte festival 2008. The nominated film is “Glass Unlimited”, produced by the agency for AGC Flat Glass Europe. | see more

Chris Completing its annual reports gallery | May. 2008

The beginning of the year always means a lot of new annual reports at Chris. 2008 saw the birth of the 2007 annual reports of faithful clients such as Belgacom (7th annual report), D’Ieteren (6th annual report), EVS (4th annual report), Immobel (3rd annual report), Integrale (3rd annual report) and Fountain (for the second time). Chris is also proud to announce the arrival of a new client, Axa Belgium, for which we are preparing its Activity Report and its IFRS Consolidated Annual Accounts. | see more

Dexia Business banking brochures | May. 2008

In the line of its strategy of stimulating its “business” and “corporate” business, Dexia entrusted Chris with the development of a range of tools (brochures, folders and fact sheets) intended for its “business” target. The objective: to develop a specific approach intended for independents, SMEs, etc, while being consistent with the global communication of Dexia. | see more

AGC Flat Glass Europe New corporate identity tools | Dec. 2007

Within the context of renaming Glaverbel into AGC Flat Glass Europe, Chris received the mission to create two new communication tools, both aimed at repositioning the identity of the group, giving it a fresh boost in terms of image: a film and a brochure. Along the same lines as the slogan "Glass unlimited" launched previously, both corporate media stress innovation and multiple possibilities provided by glass. | see more

Chris Marie-Christine and Géraldine going Forward… | Dec. 2007

FEB-VBO (Federation of Belgian Enterprises) decided to give the floor to Marie-Christine and Géraldine, respectively Managing Director and Director of Chris, in its December edition of Forward magazine. Marie-Christine and Géraldine were given the opportunity to express themselves on current events such as online social networks and the lack of entrepreneurship among young graduates. | see more

Befimmo 12th edition of the annual report | Dec. 2007

Befimmo confirms its confidence in Chris for its 2007 annual report, giving the agency the chance to reinvent, develop and produce the 12th annual report of this leading Belgian investment fund.  | see more

Electrabel chooses Chris for its "electricity production" brochures | Nov. 2007

After a pitch between 3 agencies, Electrabel selected Chris for the concept, copywriting, design and development of this important image and information tool: an 8-page general brochure filled with 6 specialized brochures/datasheets presenting all the electricity production possibilities in Europe. | see more

Belgacom A new annual report ! | Oct. 2007

In September 2007 Belgacom organized a pitch between 3 specialized agencies for the realization of its 2007 annual report. Thanks to its strategic and creative approach, Chris gained the opportunity to create, design and produce its 9th edition of this essential communication tool. | see more