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FIV-VGI 60 years event

The context
FIV-VGI (Belgian glass industry federation) gathers together most of the Belgian companies that have glass production and/or processing activities on an industrial scale. Its mission is to promote and defend the interests of the glass industry, which represents 44 members employing 10,000 people in Belgium. Founded in 1947, FIV-VGI celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2007.

The challenge
  • Create a unique event, custom-made from A to Z to:
    • celebrate FIV-VGI’s 60th birthday
    • communicate FIV-VGI’s essential role in the glass business
  • Reach different targets: the FIV-VGI’s members, but also other industrial federations, political and economic decision-makers and journalists

The solution
  • Point out one essential role and challenge for the glass industry of yesterday, today and tomorrow, namely its contribution to the environment
  • Event held in two stages: a “press point” to promote FIV-VGI’s role, followed by a reception with academic presentation, walking dinner and performance to celebrate its 60 years
  • A global concept, “60 years at the service of environment”, marketed through:
    • Invitation cards containing a butterfly flying away when the cards were opened
    • A general atmosphere associating glass (a sustainable material) with nature (here in the form of jungle). The jungle decor was combined with lighting, voicing and costumes for the waiters on the same theme
    • A film showing the contribution of the FIV-VGI’s members in several sectors: flat glass, automotive glass, decorative glass, technical glass etc.
    • A performance with tom-tom players and a procession of dancers and porters carrying a pyramid of glass symbolizing 60 years of FIV-VGI

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