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AGC Flat Glass Europe Internal campaign for environmental awareness

The context
Glaverbel, now renamed AGC Flat Glass Europe, is one of the leading flat glass producers in Europe. The group has decided to take an active position on environmental problems and particularly global warming. AGC assumes its responsibility and wants to limit its impact. It has therefore decided to launch an awareness campaign for its employees to help them to reduce energy consumption, whatever the target workforce, the culture (9 nationalities) or the expectations.

The challenge
  • To create a name for the campaign
  • To emphasize the commitment of the Group
  • To establish a dynamic environment
  • To empower the role of people
  • To support projects
  • To encourage new ideas and improvement

The solution
We proposed the name “Going Green” to underline the dynamic role of the Group in this project; the word “green” being used to make the concept obvious for all personnel.
  • The tree is the graphic concept on all communication medium: banner, website, screensaver, poster…
  • To mobilize them, factory managers receive some promotional material
  • During some events, gadgets (Pins and bracelets) are distributed to the company members who want to show their support to the “Going Green” project.

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